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Documentaries and short films

We are equipped with professional equipment, which enables us to film documentaries and short films. The latest documentaries in our production is about Malta and Cyprus tourism produced for the American market and a documentary about Olimpija fan club, called Green Dragons that will be also broadcast on national TV station RTV Slovenia. Recently we have begun preparing for a documentary film 'Great Naturalists Linne and Scopoli' that will be shoot in Sweden and in several locations throughout Slovenia.

Based on a book of Linne's letters to Scopoli, translated from Latin into Slovene and English, this documentary features a correspondence between two outstanding scientists: Taxanomist Carl von Linne, better known by his Latin name Linnaeus, who ordered the world of plants into a system of binomial nomenclature – the structure enduring still today, that combines Latin genus and species names to give each organism a unique identity, and Scopoli, physician and botanist who lived for 16 years in Idrija, a western part of Slovenia.

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